Disconnecting circuit breakers for space saving and enhanced substation reliability


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145 kV 420 kV

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72.5 kV 170 kV 245 kV 550 kV

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This voltage level is not yet available on www.dcbsubstations.com, please contact your local abb office or send an email to market.circuitbreaker@se.abb.com in order to get more information regarding layouts and availability calculations.


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Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

Copyright and Disclaimer Notice

ABB’s DCB substations is a marketing app for clearly and easily showing the advantages of a substation equipped with disconnecting circuit breakers in comparison to substations equipped with conventional circuit breakers and disconnectors. The substation layout drawings and data presented in the app are to be considered as approximations. For precise layout proposals and data, contact ABB’s sales manager in your country. ABB assumes no responsibility for any errors in layout drawings and data.

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DCB Alternatives


DCB Alternatives


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Conventional  vs 

Object Outage cost savings ($/year) Outage time reduction (h/year) Space reduction of switchyard (%)
Single Line 4 50%
Single Transformer 1 3
Parallel objects 1 5

Outage cost savings

Single line:

Single transformer:
1 $/year

Parallel objects:

Outage time reduction

Single line:
4 h/year

Single transformer:
3 h/year

Parallel objects:
5 h/year

Space reduction

Space reduction: 50%

Image shows your DCB solution. Click here to view hi-res 3D image

Single Line Diagram

Outage cost comparison

Availability comparison

Space comparison

200m Conventional m2
140m DCB m2

Space comparison (m2) for selected solutions.

More information

With more than 18 years of experience DCB is now the preferred solution to avoid disconnector problems for several transmission and distribution utilities, it is used in all climates and in more than 30 countries.

  DCB Installations

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For more information about DCB solutions, the advantages and their impact in your grid please contact ABB.

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